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The Cultural Enrichment Fund (CEF) seeks to support a core arts scene in the capital region by providing unrestricted operating support to a diverse group of member organizations across multiple disciplines.  The Fund’s board of directors selects the disciplines that it desires to fund and then seeks the most impactful local organization in that discipline as the Fund’s member. Members receive an annual allocation from the Fund's campaign according to a pre-determined formula.

Membership will only be expanded as additional campaign funding is garnered.  The disciplines and actual members that are funded are reviewed every five years by the Fund’s Member Review Committee.  The next full membership review will take place in the spring/summer of 2017.

In addition, CEF seeks to broaden the reach and sustainability of the capital region’s arts community through its supplemental grant fund. This fund supports arts programs focused on creating opportunities for the involvement of young and/or diverse audiences in the creative process.  In doing so, the Fund hopes to stimulate future arts audiences and contribute to a more vibrant arts community in the capital region.


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