The Capital Region's United Fund for the Arts

Our mission is to advance and sustain a vibrant and diverse arts and cultural life in the Capital Region.  To achieve this mission, each year we conduct the annual united campaign for the arts in the capital region.

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One donation supports 20+ arts groups.

The Cultural Enrichment Fund (CEF) seeks to support a core arts scene in the capital region by providing unrestricted operating support to a diverse group of core arts organizations across multiple disciplines.  We also work to ensure that everyone in our region has access to the arts through the Arts for All Partnership.

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Play your part for the arts.

The arts are crucial to the local economy and play a key role in workforce development.  If the business community didn’t support the arts, then they wouldn’t be here.  Because of this, we ask every business in the capital region, to play their part for the arts, every year.

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