How does my contribution benefit my community and my family?

The Cultural Enrichment Fund is a community-wide effort to raise dollars for the arts in the capital region. The arts touch everyone’s life in a different and personal way during all stages of life. There is truly something for everyone. In addition, the arts provide a proven means to enhance critical thinking, build self-esteem, reduce violence and create appreciation of diversity in our community. Finally, the arts are an economic driver for our region. They assist in attracting and retaining both businesses and a talented workforce. The arts are also responsible for $55 million in annual economic impact and support 1,800 jobs in our region.

Where does the money go and who benefits?

Money invested in the Cultural Enrichment Fund is allocated to 12 core arts organizations as general operating support — the toughest dollars for arts groups to raise. In addition, arts programs with a focus on increasing access to the arts are supported through the ‘Arts for All’ Partnership, CEF’s strategic cofunding arrangement with The Foundation for Enhancing Communities. With one gift you support over 25 arts groups covering all arts disciplines offering programming throughout the capital region.

Why does the community need a united arts fund drive? Don’t these organizations earn enough money from ticket sales and sponsorships?

Income from ticket sales, admissions and sponsorships only cover a fraction of the actual costs of producing high quality arts programming in our community. The Cultural Enrichment Fund provides ongoing operating support to its member organizations. This operating support often complements community outreach programs, educational activities and helps keep ticket prices affordable for everyone — not just the wealthy elite.

I don’t live in Harrisburg . Why should I support the Cultural Enrichment Fund?

Although most of our Core Arts Organizations are based in Harrisburg, their audiences come from all corners of Central Pennsylvania. In just about every community in Central Pennsylvania, you can find students and patrons of the CEF groups, as well as in-school performances, tours, special programs and outdoor concerts. Your CEF contribution helps these organizations reach out into your community.

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